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What is...

What is... FAQS

This page is a powerful tool for webmasters of very specific topics.

Our system, read the RSS of targeted blogs and publish the first paragraphs of the article, placing a link to read the rest of the article in the Original source.

Where are your visits coming from?

This system carries free traffic to the original blog, and the traffic we get comes from our social networks,
we invest in growing our social networks and we publish constantly in them, mainly on Twitter and Facebook, where more than 95% of our traffic comes.

The Other 5% comes from links that the blogs themselves that point to the system put ours.

Is it dangerous for the positioning of my blog?

Google does not take into account to us not being original source of the articles and so to say it in the source code of each article,
and only considers us in the cover of the web and categories, reason why our system does not dispose to the Blogs targeted at it and
if it offers them an extra traffic they would never have them.

Is it mandatory to put your logo on my blog?

Is not mandatory, but if you would appreciate it and you would help as many other blogs make us know, with a button that we give you, a link or any other way

Ok how can I register my blog?

Fill out the form with the url of your blog and if you know the RSS of your blog, to be the RSS ATOM and we take care of everything

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